Vertex™ Wind-Up Spring Balances

The Vertex spring balance range includes both Wind-Up and Pre-Tension Spring Balances.

Wind-Up Spring Balances are particularly suited to lighter smaller sash windows such as those made of aluminium and secondary glazing vertical sliding sashes.


  • All spring balances available in Tilt-In and Non-Tilt options
  • For lighter windows between 2kg and 18kg in weight

  • For smaller windows between 200mm width and 1800mm high

  • All balances in the Yale Vertex™ range are available in white, brown, black and grey tubes

  • All Wind-Up balances are supplied at Ø15.0 mm tubes


  • 10-year Mechanical guarantee
  • BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 4 (240 Hours NSST)
  • Endurance tested to 10,000 cycles

Material Specification:

  • Reinforced Nylon
  • Music Wire
  • Aluminium 6063
  • CS70 Steel
  • PVC (unplasticized)
  • ST 304
  • Steel
  • Acetal


  • Yale Spring balances are designed to require only minimal maintenance. Balances are best protected by being operated at least once a month. Should balances not be operated for long periods, particularly lower sash balances, then apply a light coat of high-quality water-resistant multi-purpose greases to the extended helix rod routinely to ensure optimum balance performance. Tubes can be cleaned with a damp cloth