Home security is important all year round, but as summer turns to winter, Home Office Crime statistics show that burglaries increase by up to 20% when the clocks change, as thieves make the most of the darker evenings, longer nights and properties stacking up with valuables in the lead up to the festive season.

In preparation, Police Forces have already started to run their own burglary prevention campaigns, targeting vulnerable areas and generally advising on the best way for homeowners to ensure their home security can offer the necessary protection.

Paul Atkinson, Sales Director at Yale Door and Window Solutions suggests fabricators, installers and retro-fit market could use this statistic to proactively offer extra precautionary measures up selling security features promoting customers safety and security.

Fabricators and installers can take advantage of this increased awareness and encourage householders to take extra safety measures to protect their home and assets. 

Many offer free home security surveys to identify any weak points.  Taking simple steps can make the difference between a home being secure or an easy target for the opportunist burglar. 

For example, it’s important that door security, right from the multipoint lock and the cylinder mechanism are operating to protect, especially against more modern methods of cylinder manipulation attack, including snapping.

When offering upgraded cylinder security on doors, Yale’s TS007 1 star Superior series cylinder, combined with Yale’s Platinum maximum security TS007 2 star and PAS24 accredited handle range, provides TS007 3 star accreditation, offering optimal cylinder security as well as a powerful visual deterrent to opportunist burglars.

Innovative new security products include our range of electronic door viewers.  These have been specifically designed to enhance home security and protect against distraction burglary.  Electronic door views operate easily in low light conditions and are capable of saving a photographic record of all visitors for further peace of mind.

For homeowners, every window on the ground floor and those on elevations or beside flat roofs provides a chance for the opportunist burglar to enter a home.  In fact, a third of break-ins are through a back window, skylight or bathroom fanlight.

Fabricators and installers should also highlight the importance of securing windows and doors in garages and outbuildings. Garages will often provide access to the rest of a house and typically contain ladders and tools that could prove useful for a burglar in breaking in to other areas of the property.

Throughout 2013, Yale Door and Window Solutions has concentrated on bringing new security products and services to the market, suitable for all areas of the home and for different lock types and with new and retrofit options, including opportunities in digital home access to combine security with convenience.

This way, we believe the industry can work together to ensure homeowners across the UK are prepared for the dark nights, with the necessary security upgrades in place to offer protection from any opportunist criminal.  And all with the ability to harness the brand power of the world’s favourite lock company.