Yale has launched an intelligent new digital door viewer with internal memory, providing home owners with an innovative new method of helping prevent distraction burglary

Yale’s Digital Door Viewer is battery powered and can be easily retrofitted to existing doors.  With a 3.2-inch digital screen delivering a clear image that can be seen from several metres away, the new viewer boasts a wide viewing angle of up to 105 degrees, without suffering from image distortion found on traditional door viewers.


Operated at the touch of a button, Yale’s Digital Door Viewer shows real time activity  and stores time and date stamped still images automatically when the integrated doorbell is pressed, providing a visual record of all callers.  External SD cards can be inserted to extend memory and the infrared design of the camera allows it work in all light levels.

Says Jon Walker, Marketing Manager at Yale Door and Window Solutions: “According to the Home Office, around 11,500 homes a year fall victim to ‘bogus callers’ entering their homes under false pretences. In the majority of cases, intruders pose as officials in order to gain access to homes with the intention of stealing cash and other belongings, such as car keys. Yale’s new digital door viewers represent a simple and effective method of protecting consumers homes, complemented with aesthetic appeal and intuitive functionality.

“Whilst traditional spy holes have been used for decades, they have obvious limitations such as only providing a relatively small image and forcing users to be directly next to the viewer in order to use it.  The Yale digital door viewers provide an easy to fit solution to this with the added benefit of image storing capability, enabling fabricators and installers to offer extra peace of mind with a home security product that is at the cutting edge of technology, from a brand consumers already know and trust.”