Britain has been basking in unaccustomed sunshine, sporting triumph and in the best spirits for three years according to a latest YouGov poll*. And here, Jonathan Walker, Marketing and Product Manager of Yale Door and Window Solutions, shows why fabricators and installers also have a reason to celebrate by taking advantage of an opportunity to secure business with new patent protected replacement hardware.


A recent Sunday Times YouGov poll reveals that the feel good factor is now at its highest since the general election in 2010, with a growing belief that we have weathered the economic storm.

That optimism has undoubtedly been boosted by the tremendous sporting success of Andy Murray winning the Wimbledon title, as the first British male champion since Fred Perry in 1936.  In the same weekend, the British and Irish Lions beat Australia and the British cyclist Chris Roome took the lead in emphatic fashion in the Tour de France. 

A majority of people surveyed by YouGov believe that economically the worst is over and 15% of respondents even expect to be better off over the next 12 months.

When asked about the financial situation of their household, 53% of respondents expected it to get better or same over the next year.  A total of 41% expected it to get worse – giving a 12 point lead to the cheerful over the glum.

And here at Yale Door and Window Solutions, we like to think we’re more in the cheerful camp and continue to provide exciting services and innovative product developments to ensure our customers can take advantage of new business opportunities that could represent profitable revenue streams and support continuing hints of an economic upcycle.

Just one example of our latest developments is the research into the growing number of multipoint locks that are coming to the end of their useful design life in the coming years. We believe it is essential to ensure a response is ready so that fabricators and installers instantly have the solution ready to keep homeowners safe and secure.

With this in mind, and where a new door just isn’t feasible or the preferred choice for homeowners, Yale has developed a range of patent protected solutions with installers and professional door experts in mind.

The Opportunity
Multipoint locks are currently fitted to almost 70% of all new residential external doors and those installed in earlier generations of PVCu and composite doors are now reaching the end of their lifecycle.

Replacing just the multipoint lock could immediately improve the security, operation and weatherproofing of an existing door, providing homeowners with a simple, visible and reassuring improvement to their existing door. 

There is also the potential to upgrade the appearance of the existing door at the same time, with new door furniture and accessories from Yale, including the new Superior and Platinum handle ranges which can help to achieve the coveted BSI Kitemark TS007 3* standards for high security.

Introducing Yale Doormaster™
Yale’s Doormaster™ replacement multipoint lock range represents a genuine ‘one visit, one repair’ solution, thanks to a cleverly designed, compact range of replacement locks. 

The Professional series is developed with professional door experts in mind.  The range includes three croppable replacement locks, offering a high security solution for virtually all multipoint locks with multiple hooks or deadbolts and 35mm or 45mm backsets, whether in PVCu, timber or composite doors.

With the extra benefit of patented technology, Yale’s Doormaster™ replacement multipoint locking range is simple to install, and represents an exciting opportunity for installers to easily broaden their product and service offering and benefit from the increased sales potential.

Patented Technology
One unique design feature for the Doormaster™ replacement locks are the keeps, which includes a patented Uni-packer™ system pre-assembled along their length.

This market leading innovation will fit all PVCu profiles and makes keep installation for any door installer extremely straightforward as it eliminates the need for loose plastic packers. At the same time, other features such as the one piece adjustable rollers and pre-assembled fixing tabs ensure fast, easy, and reliable installation.

For additional peace of mind, the Professional replacement multipoint locks are tested to the Police Approved Secured By Design standard and are PAS 24 doorset capable.

In summary, the new Doormaster™ replacement multipoint lock range offers door installers an exciting new business opportunity in a genuine growth market, with a product that is easy to install.

Incorporating patented technologies demonstrates how Yale has thought carefully about the product, to ensure door installers can maximise its potential.  Enabling a simple installation means more efficient use of time and resource, and more locks can be fixed, resulting in an increased number of happy and secure homeowners.

*YouGov poll was printed in the Sunday Times dated 7th July 2013.