Working Together

With Britain now seemingly on the road to recovery, it is critical that we react to the lessons learnt from the recession and work together with our partners to meet the requirements of the post-recession homeowner, says Jonathan Walker, Product and Marketing Manager of Yale Door and Window Solutions.

While all the signs continue to show that the economy has finally turned a corner, with increased activity in the housing market and growth in construction and manufacturing sector services, the key to sustainable growth is maintaining and tightening relationships with customers.

We all know that we must be competitive to survive in today’s business environment, but the opportunities to work together with our partners, share ideas and invest in tried and tested, yet innovative product solutions are equally important for mutual benefit.

After all, the ‘new’ consumer is much more savvy in their approach to spending.  Whilst they may feel ready to commit to home improvements, they will still continue to embrace the recessionary mindset and pay close attention to price comparisons, whilst maintaining the same level of high expectation.

Thanks to our flexible approach and ability to tailor our products and services and meet customer demands, we have continued to secure new business. We constantly strive to operate and adapt our style to suit the needs of our new and existing customers, not the other way around.

Working as a team with our customers has also proven vital when it comes to supporting ongoing product innovation

Manufacturers can design and produce a wide range of products, but we need to think about how new products will fit with our customers’ skills sets and their customer bases. 

By example, at Yale Door and Window Solutions we have continued to launch products such as Doormaster™ replacement multipoint locks to tempt the cautious homeowner.

And this is also why our Keyfree and Keyless digital door innovations are proving popular, as homeowners embrace the ideas and convenience factors of keyless home security, reflecting an ever increasing adoption of ‘lifestyle technology’ in people’s lives.

We continue to listen to consumer feedback from our customers and enhance our mechanical and digital product innovations to suit.  Most recently, we have introduced a mullion free multipoint locking system for French doors and coming soon is a smart phone alarm that integrates capability to operate Keyfree and provide a complete home security solution.

This approach to partnership and product development continues to prove successful with a number of fabricators, installers and distributors locking into partnership with Yale Door and Window Solutions to ensure high security products for doors, windows and conservatories are delivered.

In conclusion, our commitment to service must equal the loyalty of our customers.  Our objective is to continue to deliver quality and innovation to reinforce the strength of the Yale brand and deliver the value and peace of mind demanded by consumers.