National awareness campaigns are a clever and effective way to bring attention to a subject, engaging with customers and helping to increase sales. Jon Walker, Marketing and Product Manager at Yale Door and Window Solutions, explains why they are supporting the upcoming National Home Security Month.

National Home Security Month (NHSM) is designed to highlight home security, as well as driving demand for security products and installation services throughout autumn and winter.  Now in its second year, the initiative runs throughout October and features a series of hints and tips to highlight the ways homeowners can keep their homes, families and possessions safe as the nights draw in.

For Yale Door and Window Solutions, alongside our fabricator, installer and distributor partners, it’s a chance to align ourselves with a campaign that is specifically designed to encourage homeowners to assess their security arrangements through their home, right from the basic cylinders and window locks through to advanced digital door security solutions.

Back to Basics
People tend to turn to security when something goes wrong, rather than preventing the issue beforehand. A key point of the NHSM campaign is to change this habit, by pushing home security to the forefront of people’s minds at a time when statistics show that domestic burglaries increase by around 20% and continue at a high level through the winter months, especially in the lead up to and post Christmas festivities.

NHSM is designed to grow the market by creating demand from consumers through insightful statistics and helpful advice given via a dedicated microsite, social media channels and marketing activities, in the lead up and throughout October. And to maintain interest the campaign features weekly themes, each focusing on a different aspect of home security. Fabricators, distributors and installers will be offered support to provide consumers with detail on how to ensure their door and window security meets required standards and promote their services. 

Security Support
Yale Door and Window Solutions will be supporting the campaign by showcasing how even changing the basics in home security can make a difference.By example, simply looking at new doors fitted with a high security cylinder and handle combination presents a powerful proposition, and with the visual deterrent of the Yale branding will make any opportunist burglar think twice.Yale Door and Window Solutions’ Platinum armoured handle acts as an instant deterrent to burglars, and together with the Superior cylinder, would force any would be burglar to seek easier pickings.

To appeal to homeowners looking for the very latest in door security, Yale Door and Window Solutions will also be raising awareness of Keyfree digital door lock and Yale Keyless Digital Lock as a standalone, battery-operated unit, which has undergone rigorous security and weather testing and is supplied with a nightlatch in a polished chrome finish, for ultimate security. These are just two examples from the Yale Door and Window Solutions’ product portfolio available to promote home security in the lead up to National Home Security Month.

In summary, this dedicated campaign is designed to help the industry as a whole take advantage of highlighting latest standards and the new technologies to ultimately increase sales at a key time for home security.  Following the success of the inaugural National Home Security Month last year, we are thrilled to be on board to help raise awareness.  As a supporter we will be highlighting the campaign in our communications, website and social media channels and we will be more than happy to profile our customers who join us in this endeavour.

For further information about National Home Security Month and to find out how you can get involved visit www.homesecuritymonth.com or emailinfo@homesecuritymonth.com