As we approach the end of the financial year it is important that trade fabricators and installers across the UK are aware of the political landscape and how this will affect spending. Kevin Hill, Managing Director of Yale Door and Window Solutions, highlights why this is more significant than ever during 2015.

There is always a level of uncertainty at this time of year as public sector budgets come to an end, but this has been heightened due to the fact we are in a general election year.


During the first quarter of this year we are in a time of purdah, the pre-election period in the UK between an announced election and the final result. This means that there is likely to be some hesitation around public sector spending and delays due to the upcoming general election in May.


As we approach the end of the current financial year some local authorities maybe looking to spend what they have left and make the most of the opportunities they have now, whereas others may be inclined to sit on their hands and wait it out.  Either way, fabricators and installers need to be prepared if they wish to benefit from these budgets.


Act now to benefit from ‘unspent pots’

Fabricators and installers should be on the lookout for those ‘unspent pots’ that need to be used up before April, as they are in a strong position to move quickly, with doors and windows having a relatively quick turnaround in comparison to some larger-scale projects. 


In the current climate, where customers will be more aware of expenditure than ever, they may be temped to de-spec and reduce their capital costs but it is unwise to achieve minor cost savings if it will ultimately inhibit the quality of the end-product and its continued application.


For example, the failure of a low-quality window or door lock can lead to increased callouts. It is therefore important to help customers strike a balance between capital cost and long-term value.


When it comes to lasting value, the Yale logo provides assurance to customers that one of the key components of the window or door’s design – security – is in tried and trusted hands. People associate the Yale brand with trust and reliability due to many years of proven performance.


Be ready to benefit when budgets are released

It is equally important to look ahead and plan for projects that may get freed up when budgets have been released in the new financial year.


Projects that have been stalled will be pushed through further down the line, whether that’s in April/May or later into the summer, and fabricators and installers need to be ready and prepared to make the most of these opportunities when they do arise.


It is critical, given that legislation in the security industry has developed at such a rapid pace, that industry professionals partner-up and pool knowledge and resource to ‘keep-up’ and meet with standards.


With a product range to help to adhere to the most up-to-date industry standards (including PAS24, as well as the CE marking requirements), Yale Door and Window Solutions can help its customers to identify and stay in line with the relevant legislation.


In conclusion, trade professionals will always be impacted by the political landscape but during a general election year it is more important than ever to be aware of the uncertainties affecting the industry and to look ahead.


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