A recent survey has revealed that a Greater London postcode is the number one burglary hotspot in the UK. In this comment column Carly Baker, Marketing Manager for Yale Door and Window Solutions, looks at how fabricators and installers can encourage homeowners in high-risk areas to consider their door and window security


The RM8 postcode in Dagenham saw the highest incidence of home insurance claims for theft, in the survey commissioned by MoneySupermarket.

Another London postcode and one in Manchester follow up in second and third place. In fact, London postcodes make up seven of the top-ten hotspots, and fourteen out of the twenty overall.

At the other end of the scale, the top-three areas ranked the least likely to claim on their home insurance for a robbery are all rural areas of Scotland, while postcodes in Suffolk and Wales follow in fourth and fifth place.

For homeowners living in burglary hotspots, tightening up home security can help to dramatically reduce the chances of being burgled. It can also help to lower insurance premiums.

Clearly, the affect of a burglary goes much further than the financial loss that can be reclaimed through insurance. If someone’s home is broken into, it is often not ‘high ticket’ items that really cost the most, but the loss of irreplaceable sentimental items and the feeling that the memories associated with a home have been compromised.

Fabricators and installers can promote the benefits of proven door and window security solutions to help protect the items with strong emotional resonance that people value so highly.

Doors and windows are the top priority when it comes to ensuring home security, with opportunist burglars relying on weaknesses in these obvious entry points to gain access.

Some thieves select a home to target by simply glancing at the outside of the property to check the quality of the protection in place. Encouraging homeowners to update their doors and windows will not only improve their security, but also enhance the aesthetics of their home, removing this risk.

Yale Door and Window Solutions is able to supply solutions for new doors and windows, from industry accredited multipoint locks, through to door cylinders, window hinges and door and window furniture.

The growing market in advanced digital door security solutions – such as the Yale Keyfree and Keyless - also enables fabricators and installers to stand out from the competition, offering homeowners the convenience they have come to expect without compromising on security. 

By encouraging homeowners to consider new doors and windows, fitted with proven security locking systems, their home can instantly become more secure and be a less obvious target to would be intruders.

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