Yale is going on TV!

This October sees the launch of a brand new advertising campaign with the Yale brand hitting TV screens nationwide.

The advert, which will be aired throughout the month on Channel 4, Sky, and ITV, will showcase the benefits of the new Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock. It will highlight how the Smart Living solution can add convenience to everyday lives as well as giving peace of mind that your home is secure.

Paul Atkinson, Sales and Commercial Director for Yale, commented: “This is the first time in recent years that we have used  TV as a platform to target UK homeowners, and we’re excited to see the Yale brand in living rooms across the country.

“As part of our research for this campaign, independent focus groups were carried out to gauge consumer opinions. One of the main findings showed that 80% of consumers would want the Conexis® L1 professionally installed*. This provides a huge opportunity for the trade to promote their services and enter a rapidly developing connected smart home market.

Research also found that 55% of UK homeowners like the idea of being able to control their home security through an app with 41% of those surveyed wanting a Smart Door Lock in their home**. By showcasing the Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock, the new TV advertisement is aiming to capitalise on this increased awareness and demand for smart door locks, helping to drive sales for our trade partners And reinforce Yale as the security brand of choice  ”

Backed by a robust online and social media campaign, this is Yale’s biggest ever media spend, helping to drive consumer demand during a key time for security sales when the nights start getting darker and burglaries increase.

Paul adds: “Yale is a globally renowned brand and the leading home security company in the UK. This recognition puts us in a strong position as homeowners instantly recognise the yellow circle and associate our products with trust and reliability. Our TV advert will serve to reinforce this positon.”

To help fabricators, distributors and installers take full advantage of this lucrative opportunity, Yale has a wide range of promotional materials available to customers. Simply contact your Yale Sales Manager or call 01902 366800 for more details.

For further information about the Conexis® L1 or the rest of the Smart Living range, please visit www.yale.co.uk or find us on Twitter @YaleDWS.



**Smart Home Week 2017