Georgia: A week in the life of Yale Door and Window Solutions

After spending a week with the ASSA ABLOY marketing team last year, I was keen to gain an insight into how other marketing teams within the business operate. Spending my week with the Yale Marketing team most definitely allowed me to do this.

From the start, I got to see first hand the ins and outs of marketing and the extensive and diverse number of tasks and responsibilities that fall onto the team on a daily basis. From helping with social media, sitting in on meetings, seeing the testing process of products to giving a presentation on my week, I was given a great opportunity to get a feel for what it is like to work in a marketing team.

This week also gave me the chance to see how valuable having a good relationship with external agencies is to a marketing team. A visit to Clevercherry allowed me to see the ongoing projects and tasks that need to be done and the planning of new campaigns within a digital marketing agency. Likewise, my visit to Edson Evers introduced me to the roles of a PR agency and their importance of both raising awareness of Yale and their products and also creating and maintaining strong relations with customers. Both of the visits massively helped me understand the roles of agencies and how they aid internal marketing departments and businesses as a whole.

Being able to attend pulse meetings gave me the opportunity to see the process of how ideas come to life, from the proposal, the design, the manufacturing, the marketing and the launch itself. It also highlighted the number of hurdles that need to be overcome before products come to life. Although the content of these meetings was unfamiliar, the key point that I was able to take away was from the pulse meetings is the importance of cooperation and collaboration of different teams to ensure that the process is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Going to the Cheltenham site meant that I was able to see the process in which products go through when being tested. I was able to understand the testing process in which the new Quartus window handle is going through to ensure that it is fit for purpose. The visit also educated me on the features and benefits of the handle as well as any problems that have had to be overcome. This information was highly useful to me as my final task for the week was to create a PowerPoint presentation what I have learnt about the Quartus handle as well as giving a summary of my great week of work experience. 

Not only giving me the experience of and the different roles when working in marketing, the Yale marketing team showed me that working in an office environment can be fun with lots of laughter whilst still working professionally and efficiently. The experience has also given me the confidence to ask questions and go out of my comfort zone by giving me the chance to do things that I have never had the chance to do. I hope to be back in the future to see what else the Yale marketing team has in store.