UK Manufacturing Investment

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With Britain’s manufacturing industry reporting all-time lows in outlays amidst Brexit uncertainly, Yale is bucking the trend by investing heavily in its UK manufacturing offering.

According to a survey by industry trade body EEF, investment by UK manufacturers in new plant and machinery slowed to 6.5% of turnover from 7.5% in 2016[1]. This is a trend that has continued into 2019, with uncertainty over the UK’s exit from the EU holding back planned investment in many cases.

Yale Door and Window Solutions, however, continues to invest in UK manufacturing to the benefit of its customers. The company has continued to invest in automation at both its Willenhall and Cheltenham sites, allowing it to bring product manufacturing back to the UK from overseas.

The move brings with it the close quality control measures that Yale prides itself on. With both sites accredited to EN ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, the sites will contribute to the rising quality standards in UK industry.

Yale is also in the process of expanding its warehouse to 254,008 ft2, approximately four times the size of the previous building, and moving it to a more UK central location to help provide best-in-class services, all in time for Winter 2019.   

As well as these investments, Yale is also introducing a new CRM system across the business that will enhance customer service, communications and account management, improving the customer experience.

The CRM system will put customer experience at the heart of the business, helping to maintain strong relationships with both new and existing customers. With a single client focus throughout all units, each new offer, product and service will be immediately visible and available. The automated system will also ensure a greater alignment in project and trade sales processes.

Paul Atkinson, Sales and Commercial Director of Yale Door and Window Solutions, comments: “We have always been passionate about maintaining and building on a UK manufacturing base, especially with the current uncertainty surrounding Britain’s exit from the EU. There are multiple benefits to manufacturing in the UK. Being closer to the market we operate in means we are able to respond to customer requirements and fluctuations much quicker.

“There are also research and development benefits for our customers when it comes to new products. For example, we recently announced that we were upgrading to stainless steel on all of our multipoint lock faceplates as standard, with the whole manufacturing process taking place solely at our Midlands head office.

“We also see a benefit in supporting the local and UK economy, by maintaining and growing manufacturing at our Willenhall and Cheltenham sites we believe this will help contribute to the UK job market. In a similar vein, Yale is proud to be an official member of Made in Britain, which aims to bring together the entire British manufacturing community.”

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