Yale puts its capabilities to the test with a new large scale Testing rig

Bigger and better than ever before, Yale’s all new commercial test rig opens the way for superior capabilities, smarter testing and greater opportunities.

In an age of increasing fenestration scale, where glazing products both windows and doors are becoming bigger, as well as developments and renovations getting bigger and more unique with architect flare, the industry must keep up with the ever changing demands of window hardware.

Using its new super scale testing rig, Yale is able to ensure customers of the durability, capability and compliance of its products. When used in endurance testing, Yale can now monitor the load with each and every cycle – allowing the team to measure the operating force of products during testing.

With improved testing capabilities, comes better opportunities – and now with the ability to conduct mock up tests with an adjustable vent & frame mechanism for unique window designs, Yale is undertaking a higher volume of larger-scale projects.

The test rig enables indicative testing on project specific opening vents, with the ability to tip the rig into any inclined position between vertical and +/- 20 degrees, and tailor the test to represent a particular building or project, no matter how obscure. Enquiries are already coming in from Europe, China and the Americas, as Yale invite its worldwide customer base to test the performance of their windows and hardware.

Testing for almost all international certifications and standards, the rig ensures products are compliant to British Standard BS6375, America’s AAMA and China’s JG/T 433 certifications.

Grant Stratford, Technical Director at Yale, comments: “We are so pleased to be able to expand our testing facilities to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. The capabilities of the new rig mean we can test all sorts of weird and wonderful window designs. For example, we are endurance testing a triangular mockup vent at the moment, which is being carried out to the customer’s unique requirements.

“Here at Yale, we aim to provide the best possible product and service for our customers. The capabilities of our new commercial test rig allow us to become more flexible and provide even better customer service than before, therefore giving customers peace of mind that products have been tried and tested with the upmost accuracy and credibility – specific to a certain project or application.”